Leon at LCA2006

20 January 2006


In no particular order:

an unusually sensible bike rack at OamaruAn unusually sensible bike rack at Oamaru.

hilltop monumentThe Kiwis seem inordinately fond of adorning every local “highest” point with a massive monument. This one was East of the highway on the way in to Dunedin.

intercity coachThis is the InterCity coach which took me from Oamaru to Dunedin.

long white cloudThe Land of the Long White Cloud was kind enough to provide me with one on arrival at Dunedin. I was standing here for wquite a while after my arrival — hungry and thirsty — and with numerous windows open on the Cadbury factory, wafting intense draughts of choclatey smells across my longusffering nose.

genuine NZ bushThis is some genuine, unadulterated NZ bush. The locals seem to be unusually efficient at replacing it with pasture or pine trees.

Beverley-Begg ObservatoryBeverley-Begg is a dear little observatory perched on the crest of the hills west of the city. It was probably quite dark here around when the observatory was first built.

plaque on observatoryThis is an unusualy plaue on hte wall of the observatory.

Lagonda TearoomsThese are the hospitable Oamaruan tearooms I mentioned, the Lagonda Tearooms.

wren-ishes at OamaruThese are the little brown wren-looking birds, pandemic in Oamaru. There is a similar bird, but about twice the size, in Dunedin, and also a much darker bird of about the same size.

Dunedin's clock tower at nightThe clock tower (with chimes) in Dunedin (on The Octagon) at night.

different gull types at dunedinHere’s one of the larger gulls alongside a “standard” model. The plumage on this one is a bit scrappier and lighter than the birds at Oamaru.

dunedin bay area seen from the hills west of townThe bay area of Dunedin as seen from the hills west of town (up near the suburb of Roslyn).

Filleul St and On Top BackpackersThe view down Filleul Street to On Top Backpackers (red arrow).

church tower on george stGeorge Street sports this massive church tower (one of several landmarks) up near the restaurant-laden area. The eateries are literally across the street.

restaurants in george streetSome of the restaurants in George Street. The blue bike is parked outside one of the Chinese-plus-Fish-n-Chips places; also starring here are a Phillipino, Korean and Sushi restaurant. There are many others.

water of leith at otago uniThis is the Water of Leith rushing through the University of Otago.

stone building at the university of OtagoThis is one of the many stone buildings on the campus of the University of Otago. The distinctive grey local stone is kind of like sandsctone, but not quite. As it ages, it develops a harder surface.

More in a day or so after I recover from a lap around the Otago Peninsula on a deadly treadly.


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