Leon at LCA2006

21 January 2006

Ow, ow... I need a holiday from the holiday...

Sunburned, too. ’T’was cold and miserable when I set out yesterday, so of course I paid little attention to details like sun-block cream. Naturally, the sun came out in full force later. Today will be a very quiet day.

More cultural minutae: “No Through Road” is pronounced “No Exit”, and while there are a few “No Junk Mail” signs on mailboxes, most of them say “No Circulars” Painting one’s mailbox, particularly with some variant on the theme “roses”, seems to be a fetish amongst the peninsula people.

There are also many boathouses along the inside coast:

boat houses

Some of these are decorated, too:

boat house with mermaids

While we’re tossing up random photos, here’s one of the University’s clock tower:

clock tower

...and another of some waves running round the ragged rocks (some of the wave surges crash and explode to maybe 20m high, even in this calm weather, it must get really interesting during a storm):

just waving

I found a local food item I’d not seen before: frozen crumbed mushrooms. They’re actually little mushroom patties made up to be the same size as a small field mushroom would be, and battered. Very tasty.


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