Leon at LCA2006

06 February 2006

Taieri gorgeous

These were taken on the way back down, there will be more from the trip up sooner or later.

Middlemarch pub

Lovely old stone building. Nice chips, too. The whole town is about 2x2 blocks, takes about two minutes to circumnavigate on a pushbike.

beaches on the river

Beaches on the river.

rail bridge

One of many scenic railway bridges on the track.

river flowing

The river doesn’t look fast or anything, and the water is lovely and crystal clear, but every so often the flow bunches up a bit and you start to get a hint of how much water really is flowing through there.

view along the gorge

Shot along one of the straighter bits near the top of the gorge.

the light at the end of the tunnel

One of many dark and exciting tunnels. Some were bare rock, a few were cement-lined, many were brick-lined, a few had some combination of the above. The tunnel has a peak to let the smoke escape.

long way to fall

Some the drops right alongside (or even under) the track were substantial.

driftwood accumulated at a rapids

Some of the rapids accumulated quite a bit of driftwood. We have running water, fish, firewood and shelter, sounds like an excellent place to camp.

rocks in the gorge

The rock formations run from measly to reasonably grand. Most of the rock seems to be the wood-grain-looking stuff I saw on the beach a few days ealier.


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