Leon at LCA2006

26 January 2006

Interesting conf topics for the day...

...included Aaron Seigo on KDE4’s Plasma (good to see some GNOME crew there, just checking to ensure that there were no surprises), Rusty Russell on Talloc (which has swiss-army-knifed since last year), Adam Jackson on X memory management vs B’dale Garbee on FOSS in EME communications vs Carl Worth on the Cairo drawing system (hurrah for video streams!), then a quiet afternoon listening to Hugh Bleming and B’dale (again) on software radios (as in, communications gear rather than ghetto blasters).

Morning Tea was... different: boxes of lollies and chocolates/toffees. I hope Customs will let me take some back to the munchkins. They’re still in boxes, after all.

The evening was spent Australia Daying with Davyd Madeley, Bernard Blackham, Jacqueline and Harry McNally, James Henstridge, Cameron Patrick and a couple of randoms (not sandgropers) whose names didn’t quite stick (sorry, guys!). And now... the LCA2008 pitch.


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