Leon at LCA2006

22 January 2006

A few more pitchas

A bunch of us went walkabout yesterday, including a visit to Baldwin Street:

baldwin st going up   baldwin st going down

Just south of Dunedin there's a beach, followed by this little point covered in igneous rock (shot through with quartz) which looks uncannily like petrified wood:

wood rocks

seabird wood rock

rock wood split

framed beach

We wandered up north a little, to a lookout with nice views across to the peninsula, including this shot of Mackenzie Bay:

mackenzie bay

The lookout featured bumblebees (about 1.5cm long) and foxgloves:



We stopped in at the botanical gardens, which starred a kea and some brightly plumaged parrots (most of them Aussie):


golden parrots

The trip finished up near a second castle (“only castle in Nez Zealand”, hah!) with good views of Dunedin:

dunedin's main beach

dunedin from the southwest


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