Leon at LCA2006

25 January 2006

Busy day today

The KDE “kiosk” tools are getting to be nothing short of amazing. Aaron demoed some impressive features, including a drag-n-drop tool which comes pretty close to writing your DCOP scripts for you (in shell, Python, whatever).

Samba4 is working out to be amazingly comprehensive. They are well on the way to beating Microsoft to a fully functional SMB2 implementation. Tridge was in fine form as always, able to explain potentially boring material with memory-friendly sparkle and wit.

I’m amazed that Keith Packard is able to keep so much of the X and renderer and window manager (and so on) interaction straight in his head. Look forward to even more amazing stuff being implemented in x.org in the next year or so, especially in the area of 3D (big surprise) and smooth, perfectly correct interaction.

I’m going to have to cycle and stuff despite the pain, ’coz the morning and afternoon tea nibblies are way too tasty.

I’m sitting in the LA AGM in my newly (re)acquired capacity as an OCM. Andrew Cowie is laying out the financials on Mark Tearle’s behalf. LA appears to have done well again, gaining $21k despite the massive increase in things like donations and support over the past year. More later. Much applause. We’ll have to send James Purser a podcast of the applause he earned.

Four hundred people in one place is a bewildering experience. The Link was pretty much packed out today. Photos of that later as well.


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