Leon at LCA2006

23 January 2006

Laughter, the best medicine

It turned out that what I needed to unlock my tension and kill off (mostly) this morning’s headache was a bit of a laugh. This was duly provided by Jeff Waugh and Anthony “AJ” Towns taking good-natured potshots at each other (in the limelight) over differences between Debian and Ubuntu release practices (or not).

Some of the SysAdmin talks were fairly interesting (to me, anyway), and I picked up a smattering of other good stuff from surfing the internal video streams (round of applause for Ryan Verner, the rest of the team, and Flumotion).

Samba 4 is on the cusp of being officially released, so Tridge’s talk on the topic should be interesting.

Chips, or rather, “cheeups”, as in the flat, thin, roasted-to-death slices of potato that arrive in foil-sealed bags come in some fairly bizarre flavours here. “Green onion” isn’t too large a jump, but “Lamb and Mint Sauce” or “Caesar Salad” flavours are a bit bizarre for an Aussie (well, technically a Canuck).


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